Buhari, Tinubu and Okupe’s Tales By Moonlight Post on NEWS WATCH by Odedina Taofeek


25 April 2013 , By Ahmad B. Kaita, Source: Leadership

In continuation of his tireless diatribes against any potential threat to the lacklustre, inept, colourless and incurably rudderless PDP regime guiding Nigeria towards destruction, undoubtedly the only “Career Government Megaphone” in Nigeria, Chief Doyin Okupe was at it again.

This time, his anger was unleashed on the two leading figures behind the successful opposition merger that climaxed with the birth of All Progressive Congress (APC) the newest most nagging headache of the PDP.

Incidentally Okupe, being a doctor should know more than anyone what “APC” does to headache. Just as he is permanently desperate to rid PDP of “irritants” like Buhari and Tinubu, so are Nigerians desperate to rid themselves of the self inflicted PDP headache. According to Okupe, opposition party leaders (read Buhari/Tinubu) have cultivated the habit of using every platform to denigrate the country and its government. Apparently the confused fellow was oblivious to the excellent performance of the PDP-led regime in that regard. So excellent that nobody need to assist. Call it duplication of efforts, if you will. Basking in the euphoria of his current career resurrection, it is obvious Okupe’s sense of judgement and decency has plummeted from his earlier outing in a similar PDP regime guided by the same tendencies defined and confined within the boundaries of self serving interests. Clearly, the process of his (im)maturity could be compared to the same process of monstrous maturity the PDP has achieved over the last decade. While the fully matured PDP now count proceeds of corruption in “trillions” — a long jump from the previous “billion” gauge, Okupe now lies, malign and insult with careless impunity. Enraged by the growing popularity of the opposition leaders, Okupe further alleged “It is evident that the proposed merger revolve around two personalities only, Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu and retired General Muhammadu Buhari. Unfortunately, both are heavily-burdened political liabilities.”

Much as I intend to credit Okupe with minimum intelligence, I’m constrained by lack of proper standard in the PDP circle to assess his capacity; with my only options being to Labaran Maku and Reuben Abati. While Abati is daily battling ghosts from his past media activism that were anything but patriotic, Maku hardly knows which direction the wind blows.

This inclination led to his lavish self character assessment at the recent 2013 Leadership Newspaper annual conference and awards. Perhaps, desperate to convince the management of his suitability in the next round of awards, Maku self glorified himself by claiming “I am where I am because my parents taught me not to steal, tell lies or say things that I don’t mean.” Makes one cringe at the thought of Maku’s “good governance” tour where he traded lies for cash — an open secret exposed more by Governor Adams Oshimole.

Just like Okupe, Maku must be living in his own world for him to be blinded to the lies that symbolise the regime he is serving hence, the self glorification. Above hallucinations left me with no option than to accept the stark reality of Okupe’s incurable intellectual deformity. Of course, only a deformed martian would contemplate calling Buhari/Tinubu political liabilities. With six governors, tens of senators, hundreds of members in the lower chambers and over 12 million LEGITIMATE votes in the presidential elections, only a political fool would localise the influence and political value of the duo.

The possibility of a “martian” source of such a crazy belief was built on the possibility that, perhaps Okupe was busy practising his medical profession in some obscure “ET” hospital in Mars when Tinubu floored the PDP rigging machine oiled by the support of the President and regional heavyweights like former President Obasanjo in the South-West.

Unless Okupe may like to prove to the world that the ferocious “Hurricane Tinubu” which swept through the South-West – sweeping away political liabilities (real) like former President Obasanjo was a drama, then he has to admit his poor grasp of simple political instincts that allows one to safely measure his capabilities and acceptance — basically the compass that helps one navigate political waters with ease.

This deformity was aptly captured by Okupe’s silly classification of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu as a political liability when a whole region is comfortably at his (Tinubu’s) disposal to prove his political might, clout and capacity.

It is ironic that Okupe could not appreciate the political value of the two leading opposition figures he loves to hate – Buhari/Tinubu. While both leaders have sufficiently proved their individual capacity to sway the political current of their regions with just a flick of a finger, Okupe has remained attached to a phantom story of accidental success; complete with imaginary political relevance of his principal, President Jonathan, that exist only in his imagination. This is a story that may defy historical explanation in the next few decades for its lack of logic and semblance.

–Hon. Kaita is a member, House of Representatives

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