Our Nigeria's version of Pickwick Letters … reminds of 1836 "Pickwick Papers" – Charles Dickens

… Today, December 2, 2014, marks exactly (365days) i.e. 1 year since commencement of circulation of famous letters/responses on happenings around the Nigeria polity ….
You recall OBJ’s letter dated December 2, 2013 and GEJ’s response thereto? Both letters are enclosed below to refresh your memory …
Whether to continue to focus on the “letter-writers” or their “messages” are strictly yours to take …  but what I know is that 365 days have since passed…
We are embarking on another 365 days from thisday … and wondering loud if, God sparing our lives, you get another note indicating 'motion without movement' at the end of another year?
Time will tell … 


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