OUR ATTITUDE towards Life and Work makes OUR Life 100% Successful



I found this quite interesting to share because of its Arithmetic. Enjoy!

A small truth to make our Life 100% successful!!!
If: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Is equal to:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

H+A+R +D+W +O + R +K

K +N +O+ W + L +E+D+G+E

L + O + V + E
12+15+22+5 = 54%

L + U +C+K
12+21+3+11 = 47%

None of them makes 100%.
Then what makes 100% ?

Is it Money? NO !!!
Leadership? NO !!!
Every problem has a solution,
only if we perhaps change our “ATTITUDE”.

A+ T + T +I + T + U +D+E
1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%
It is therefore OUR ATTITUDE towards Life and Work that makes OUR Life 100% Successful..

Amazing mathematics
I Love this,hope u love it too. Enjoy U̶̲̥̅̊r week.

Odedina Taofeek


How Reuben Abati Lambasted Jonathan’s Wife Before He Got A Job In Aso Rock


How Reuben Abati Lambasted Jonathan’s Wife Before He Got A Job In Aso Rock – Olufamous

If you want to fight for the good of society, then you must be consistent. But this is not the case with many in Nigeria who only see the wrong of people in power when they don’t get an appointment or contract as some form of settlement. Once you “settle” them, OluFamous.Com observes, everything you do is right. Bow is how Reuben Abati lambasted the wife of his present ‘Oga at the top’, Goodluck Jonathan, before he lost the long spoon that he should use to eat with the devil.

Odedina Taofeek

Omisore: Police Report Exonerated Me On Bola Ige, It Is AD That Played Politics With It


Omisore: Police Report Exonerated Me On Bola Ige, It Is AD That Played Politics With It

Dr. Iyiola Omisore, former deputy governor and former senator from Osun State means different things to different people. To some, he used to be an enfant terrible who put ‘fire’ in Okefia Government House, Osogbo, when he was deputy governor. He made the place ungovernable for chief Bisi Akande, who was his principal. To others, Omisore is the man whose name became synonymous with the death of chief Bola Ige, simply because they had some political altercations at some point. In spite of that, he won election from detention and went to the Senate to attain some good height. Now the man is in the news again. ABIODUN FANORO was there to ask the politician what he is still looking for.

YOU were former deputy governor and also a senator; yet you seem not done with politics.  What else do you want to contest?

I was deputy governor in Osun State between 1999 and 2003. On the heel of the emergence of our government in 1999, I was persuaded to step down for Chief Bisi Akande as the party’s (Alliance for Democracy) governorship candidate. In absolute respect for the party and the elders, I stepped down, hoping that my turn would come. I think it is now my turn to take charge of government affairs in Osun State. From my experience in the past few years, few issues of serious concern have come up, especially now that the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) is in charge in Osun State, there are a lot of things that have gone wrong, that require somebody of my caliber, my experience, my exposure, my pedigree and my background to take charge and correct the malaise created by this unfortunate government now in Osun State.

Talking about pedigree, many still hold the view that when Bisi Akande was in charge, you two had a frosty relationship, to the extent that you did everything possible to physically chase him out of office; why?

If you could recall what led to the collapse of my relationship with Chief Bisi Akande, it was about pro-government policies on one hand, which Akande championed and the pro-people policies on the other hand, which I represented. There was a time during the Workers’ Day, while Baba Akande held a rally with his staff; I held another rally with workers from all over the state. From the first day in office, Akande had let it be known to all that he was anti-people in his policies. As a young man, I know that I have my future career to protect; I wouldn’t want my name and career to be rubbished by the antics or suppressive policies of one man. So I opted out to carry my own cross and that was our point of separation. Part of his anti-people policies were the sacking of workers, sacking History teachers in the state, refusal to pay approved minimum wage. All these led to the loss of fortunes by AD in Osun State. If I had not been careful, I could have perished with the Akande government. So, I thank God that I opted out at that time. That is why I could come out today to say I want to vie for the office of the governor.

You failed to subordinate yourself to your boss and respect him, yet you want to occupy the same office; don’t you worry about what would people say about you?

You would respect people to the extent that it would not damage your career. Baba Akande, I give him his maximum respect till today and he too appreciates that. However, when it comes to issues of governance, for the stand I took, certainly it is nothing personal. What Baba Akande did then was a blatant anti-people policy. Those that associated with Akande during this anti-people policy till today cannot raise their heads politically.

Looking at the resources available to Osun then, was it not the case of pragmatism, rather than being anti-people?

Are you saying it was good to sack workers, that it was good not to pay salaries to workers? What is pragmatic about that? Government exists primarily for the welfare of the people. It is a government by the people and for the people. It is not a government by the leader and for the leader alone. At that time, Ekiti State too was receiving far less than Osun State from the Federation Account, yet there was no single industrial crisis in Ekiti.

Talking about background and pedigree. Don’t you think people would ask you question about your role in the death of Chief Bola Ige?

That people may ask question? Well, people ought to know that I went on trial (for Bola Ige’s murder) for three years, and at the end I was discharged and acquitted. The facts are known to everybody; especially people in my state, Osun. The original Police Report after investigation recommended that I should not be tried at all, that I had no business with Chief Bola Ige’s death. It was the AD, which made it a political case, went on a wild goose chase and sought a scapegoat in me. Since then, I have won elections in that state five times. That shows the credibility I enjoy in the hands of the people of Osun State. It shows their sensibility and a proper understanding of what truly happened in the murder of Ige, which is of no consequence in electoral issues in my state. I even won election when I was in detention. Nigerians are really funny people. When they see people (such as me) they should celebrate, but they will rather be envious. This is unfair.

But to some people your victory while in detention was a fluke, and part of the ‘capturing’ policy of the PDP. Is that not why you lost your re-election bid?

I won all my elections. I have never lost any election in that state. The last election, which I contested is still a matter in court, it is in the Court of Appeal. In this last election, the ACN candidate lost at the tribunal, he is now on appeal at the Court of Appeal.

You were in AD and in Afenifere, which made you a ‘progressive’ at that time, but what is the story today, are you, still a progressive?

I was one of the founding fathers of AD. It was conceived and delivered in my hotel suit in Abuja. I have always been an Afenifere at all times. At no time did I leave Afenifere. Afenifere people today are in ACN, they are in Labour Party, they are in CPC (Congress for Progressive Change); they are in the PDP as well. The issue of progressive does not arise now. Afenifere is not ACN. ACN is (Bola) Tinubu’s ego and that of his co-travelers.

But at a point you left Afenifere and your return gave birth to the recent Afenifere re-union meeting, which held in Akure recently?

Let me put the record straight. It was absolutely impossible for me to attend Afenifere meetings while I was in detention (for alleged murder of Bola Ige). So, for that period I could not be physically present in Afenifere meetings. Also, don’t forget that when our leader (Pa Abraham Adesanya) passed on, there was a little crisis (especially of succession) in Afenifere. That was what gave rise to the re-union you spoke about.

What would you say about Afenifere and the emergence of the Renewal Group?

Eh, eh, you want to expose these people again. Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG) today, is being brandished by Wale Osun. Wale Osun was expelled from Afenifere by our late leader, Pa Adesanya. They would have to wake him from death before Wale Osun can become Afenifere member again or lay any claim to Afenifere. He was expelled when (Lagos) AD was to hold its convention in 2002, he was used by Bola Tinubu to deceive Baba Ganiyu Dawodu’s group. He gave two venues for the convention and went ahead to attend that of Tinubu. That was the genesis of what destroyed AD. So, how can a prodigal (expelled) son claim the position of a regular son? There is only one Afenifere, if he (Wale) wants to work for Tinubu, let him go and seek a different platform.

Many believe that you are returning to Afenifere only to use it for the purpose of your political ambition.

This is very interesting. The problem is that some Nigerians lack the sense of history. Most of you peddling this viewpoint are just students of Tinubu politics. Tinubu has captured the media space in Nigeria, especially the Lagos axis. I repeat for the umpteenth time that AD was formed in my suit in Abuja in 1998. You cannot be more Catholic than the Pope. Tinubu and his group destroyed Afenifere to cut a niche for him and give him a platform in the Southwest. Under Afenifere leadership, you cannot have this kind of thing you have in Lagos today, where everything is for sale, same as it is in Osun State. We were born into Afenifere, it is our birthright; it is the right of the original Yoruba people, not people who have no pedigree. Yoruba people are identified with truthfulness, with credibility. That is what is called the virtuous Yoruba (Omoluwabi). Not the mis-use of Omoluwabi as being done by (Rauf) Aregbesola (Osun State Governor). Omoluwabi must not be violent, must not steal, must be above board; must not deceive the people. Afenifere is our heritage; we would use it to our own advantage.

But your return is said to have polarized Afenifere where elders such as Pa Olanihun Ajayi, Ayo Adebanjo, Femi Okurounmu were reported to have abandoned the group?

You people are just peddling rumour all round the place. Senator Okurounmu resigned from Afenifere about two years ago. I have personally paid him a visit with a view to bringing him back into the group. Chief Adebanjo went abroad for medical check-up he is back now.

You accused ACN States of commercializing everything, what is the alternative the PDP has to offer?

What is the PDP doing that the ACN is not doing? How are the ACN states different from PDP controlled states, in terms of meeting the welfare of the people? Why are Nigerians being fooled? Now they are going into All Progressive Congress (APC), telling Nigerians they are going to form a party that is different from the PDP, yet they are wooing PDP members all over the place, urging them to join APC. They are confused; they are simply out to deceive the people. Where is the ACN ideology? The other day they were chasing Atiku (Abubakar) and at another time it was Nuhu Ribadu. PDP is faring better in the states under its control than the ACN states. ACN is just a party for Tinubu to make money, that is all.

But PDP critics say the party was in the Southwest for eight years with virtually nothing to show in the lives of the people.

What do you mean by that? In Osun State for instance, the PDP was there for about eight years. Aregbesola is now there for three years. For all these three years, what he has done is to make noise. His achievement includes increasing the states debt profile to N219 billion. Throughout PDP’s 7 and a half years in Osun, it only borrowed N7.5 billion, which was paid back. Last time in a press interview he (Aregbesola) said it was not up to N219 billion. Let him tell us how much he has borrowed. ACN in Osun State awarded the dualisation of Osogbo-Ila-Odo-Kwara boundary Road for N17.9 billion, which the Federal Ministry of Works had earlier earmarked to cost N11.2 billion. It is a Federal Ministry of Works’ project, ACN is reimbursed for the project. Why can’t Aregbesola go and do state roads, there are so many state roads crying for attention. The Gbongan-Sekona-Osogbo Road is being rehabilitated by the Federal Government, but the ACN is claiming credit for it. ACN has procured a Helicopter for the personal comfort of Aregbesola at N4.2 billion. Oshogbo ACN spends N1.6 billion annually on hotel bills for visitors from Lagos State. Aregbesola spends N420 million annually on aircraft charter between Lagos and Ibadan.  There has never been additional one litre of portable water since the PDP left government in 2010.

Are you saying for these three years, there isn’t anything to celebrate in Osun?

Go to the State and see for yourself. Right now, Osun students are on the streets, on protest. He promised mega schools. Only two are about to be ready out of the many he promised. Aregbesola’s mega school is being built at about £3 million per one, whereas in England it costs just about £500,000 for same building.

From your view, there is contract inflation in Osun?

What is happening is stealing galore. They have used so much money to bribe the judiciary, they have a debt portfolio, so they have to recoup. They are on a recouping mission. What is baffling their primitive acquisition tendency; stealing the money they don’t need. Look at how he is fooling the people on Opon-Imo. Aregbesola says he is off-loading 63 texts books per students. Have you ever seen where a secondary school pupil uses as much as 63 text books, how many subject does a secondary school pupil offer? Our people have gone beyond that deception. Whenever Aregbesola wants to do any project, be it building or road, his driving force is what he would steal and not delivery. He does not have the capacity to deliver anything, he lacks capacity. He has poverty of ideas. The only thing he knows is stealing. We (Osun) are in serious crisis. Education is in comatose in Osun State today. There is no single development in the health sector, no additional hospital in my state today. The youth empowerment he is doing under ‘OYES’ has become an issue. He is being driven by greed and stealing.

What about his urban renewal programme? Let us be dispassionate in the assessment?

What is your own there, are you from Osun? What is urban renewal? I have not seen urban renewal in that state. Which one is urban renewal, tell me now. Where is it being done? Is it Okefia, Gbogan Road, Alekun-Odo, tell me now. There is no urban renewal going on in any of the state’s urban centres – Ile-Ife, Osogbo, Ilesha, Iwo, Ikirun, Ila etc. It is just on the pages of newspapers. The Olaiya Junction to Okefia was done by the former governor, Olagunsoye Oyinlola. Go to Osun State and see things for yourself, don’t rely on media hype. They are only using drawings and proto-type in newspapers to deceive people. Students are roaming the streets of Osun, buildings have been destroyed, no replacement. They have to trek for about 10 kilometres every morning to get to school. This has increased students’ dropout figures; the rank of thugs, drug carriers would increase also.

What gives you this quantum of confidence?

The first governor in Osun State was from the Western Senatorial district. The second and the third were from the Central Senatorial district. The fourth, who is the incumbent, Aregbesola, is from Osun East. Osun East is only just having the first slot. Both the West and the Centre have had it at least once. In fact, the Central has had it twice.

But couldn’t Osun West say it is now entitled to it to make its own two slots as Osun Central?

This is the first time Osun East is occupying the governorship seat. The East has a right to eight years of governance. Through Aregbesola, the East is just doing four years, out of which three years is about to be completed. So, the East after Aregbesola is still entitled to another four years to enjoy just half of what other districts had enjoyed. This is why I told you that I am the most suitable.

But won’t Aregbesola go for a second term?

He will try to go for a second term, but he is going to lose. ACN lost in Osun Central. The governorship contest is going to be between Osun West and Osun East. The two aspirants we have from the PDP are from those two senatorial districts.

Are you now saying you may go for four years?

That is not an issue. I don’t answer hypothetical questions.  I have an election before me. Let me win the election first before I know what I am going to do.

Odedina Taofeek

Activists blame Obasanjo for non-recognition of June 12 – The Punch


Activists blame Obasanjo for non-recognition of June 12 – The Punch

A cross-section of activists, who gathered to mark the 20th anniversary of
the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, has blamed former
President Olusegun Obasanjo for non-recognition of the election during his
eight-year rule.

Odedina Taofeek

Something Must Be Wrong With the May 29


Something Must Be Wrong With the May 29
Source: Vanguard

NIGERIA’s path to democracy is chequered. Once we lost it to the 1966 coupists, several military leaders thereafter, made unsuccessful attempts to return the country to democracy.

From the late General Murtala Mohammed, who was cut down by his colleagues, through Generals [all retired] Muhammadu Buhari, Ibrahim Babangida to Sani Abacha, transfer of power at the centre was a very difficult challenge, except for General Olusegun Obasanjo as he then was, who voluntarily handed over power in 1979, only to regain it years after, but not without sacrifices.

Handover of power could be difficult, especially if one shot his way into it from what we saw in the behaviours of these Generals. Power handover was made more difficult for them by the players in the system who would always gravitate around every leader. These men, as powerful as they were, believed in power politics without principles.

They mustered ethnic, military, tribal forces to see to it that any Head of State sat tight till he was pushed out by his impatient colleagues in a military putsch or so. Some of these coups were bloody, while others looked like arrangee business among ‘brothers’.

Of all our past military leaders, it was the great duo of General Abdulsalami Abubakar (rtd) and Vice Admiral Okhai Akhigbe(rtd) who resolutely gave us democracy, which culminated into the swearing in of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as the first democratically elected President of Nigeria on May 29, 1999. So, our beloved former President , a great man by any description, chose naturally to declare that same date as Nigeria’s Democracy Day. Democracy Day is worthy of the celebration in our nation.

The serious problem is with the date May 29 itself. Upon the announcement of this very date as Democracy Day, agitation filled the air waves in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians argued that June 12 should be the Democracy Day because it was on June 12, 1993 that Prof.Humphrey Nwosu, as the head of the then INEC, announced the result of the fairest, most transparent and freest presidential election ever held in Nigeria in favour of Chief MKO Abiola of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, who trounced Alhaji Bashir Tofa of the Nigerian National Party, NPN.But to the surprise of all, except perhaps the makers and shapers of Nigeria at that time, General Ibrahim Babangida(rtd), as the Head of State, annulled the result of the election.

The agitations that followed this annulment became so intense that he stepped aside from Aso Rock and put in Chief Ernest Shonekan as the Head of an Interim National Government, ING. As wicked, unfair, and unjust as that annulment was, power players continued to jostle and push for control. This left the ING unstable until General Abacha pushed Chief Shonekan aside and out of Aso Rock on December 18, 1993. After putting Chief MKO Abiola in jail, General Abacha was found himself contending with the forces of June 12 even as he tried to convince Nigerian that the cap of a president fitted him better.

But he bowed out of the scene when death unexpectedly struck, thus paving way for General Abubakar and Admiral Akhigbe to assume control of in Aso Rock. Chief MKO Abiola also died in the struggle to actualize June 12. But these two fine officers of the Nigerian Military overlooked the power players, the trappings of governance at the peak and conducted elections that brought Obasanjo back to Aso Rock. Critics of Chief Obasanjo say that he spurned the June 12 date because he despised Chief Abiola and all he stood for. He, however, chose May 29, the date he was sworn in as President, as the Democracy Day for this nation.

The key questions of who decided on May 29 as the date for the swearing in of President Obasanjo, what was playing in their minds, and what was their purpose, are the concerns of this writer.This is because on the May 29, 1966, the whole of Northern Nigeria declared what they called ‘Araba’ against the Igbos in the North and started a genocide against the Igbos, a genocide that led to a civil war that saw over 3.1 million Igbos killed.

Professor Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe, a visiting professor at the Universaidade de Fortlaeza and a specialist on the state and on the genocide wars in Africa in the post-1966 epoch-beginning with the Igbo genocide, confirms that this genocide inaugurated Africa’s current age of pestilence. He says that over 12 million additional Africans have been murdered in further genocide in Rwanda (1994), Zaire/DRCongo(since late 1990s) and Dafur-West Sudan (since 2004), and in other wars in Africa.

Prof Ekwe-Ekwe gave reasons on his website, and whether we agree with him or not, we are bound to accept that May 29 is not a day for this kind of merry making and celebration for this counrty. It was the date evil started in Nigeria which touched Africa and is still festering.

May 29, 1996 is undoubtedly the most tragic day in Igbo history. It is the date of Igbo genocide-the most gruesome, devastating and expansive genocide in 20th Century Africa.

This very date, May 29, brings to the mind of any reasonable Igbo man, the terrible memories of the genocide and the unjust war that followed. Yet this May 29 1966 is also the Igbo day of affirmation, recovery and liberation. The Igbo people resolved on this day that marked the beginning of genocide, to survive the catastrophe by creating the State of Biafra. The Igbo could not have survived the genocide if they remained in Nigeria at that time.

Those who started the genocide, the North of Nigeria, had all it required to wipe them out from the face of Nigeria, because protection for them would have come from nowhere. That the Igbos lost the war and the mention of the word Biafra is now shouted down at all levels in Nigeria, all exacerbated by the continued trial of Chief Uwazurike of MASSOB, makes this date a special day of meditation and rethinking to the Igbo man, and by extension to all lovers of peace and progress, of Nigeria. We saw the war in Igbo land, we were ravaged, killed, our women raped and dehumanized, properties carried away by the invading army and it all started on May 29, 1966.

It should be a day of sober reflection, dedicated by the Igbo man, Nigeria and Africa against genocide. It should be a day Nigerians, especially in the North, should sit, think and resolve never to attack an Igbo man or any visitor to their land again. Celebrating democracy on the same date is a cover-up of facts and the truth, and at best is deceitful and mischievous.

That the late Generals I.D. Bisala and Mamman Vatsa were killed for organising unsuccessful coups is a fact. We cannot cover up or deny that they were Generals of the Nigerian Army. The younger officers need to know this truth so as to guide them in their career.

In the same vein, that IGP Tafa Balogun was tried and convicted of a crime in this country does not remove the fact that he was an Inspector General of our beloved Police Force. We must always accept it and then address it for the help of future leaders. That May 29, 1966 was the date the North started genocide against Igbos is a fact, and we as a nation should respect that fact, and use the occasion to address the issues that cause genocide with a view to stopping it in our country. The tell- tales of the lack of remorse by the North in this action abound.The North must stop killing Igbos!

How do Nigerians, especially the true democrats like Chief Obasanjo want the Igbos to feel that it is on such a date that Nigerians chose to celebrate democracy? If indeed the State of Nigeria has any respect for the Igbo man and believes in fairness and justice, the Nigerian Presidency and Senate should look into these facts and change this date. If we in Nigeria really mean to build a nation where inequalities and mischief of the past will be done away with, we must jointly reject celebrations on this date.

May 29, should be a day dedicated by Nigeria against genocide in Nigeria. If all those who have benefited economically or in one way or the other from the defeat of Biafra, the silencing and conquering of the Igbo man rejoice over it, wine and dine on that day, for the other lovers of this nation in truth, it will remain a day of prayers, solemn meditation and supplications to God, asking the Lord, what shall we do so as never to tread this path again in Nigeria.

Mr. CLEMENT UDEGBE, a lawyer, wrote from Lagos.

Odedina Taofeek