Customs hand over Ogun killer officer to Police


Customs hand over Ogun killer officer to Police

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Bank Manager Arrested For Complicity In His Bank’s Robbery


Bank Manager Arrested For Complicity In His Bank’s Robbery

Police in Delta State have arrested an Operations Man…

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Doctor mutilates baby’s corpse, removes eyes, tongue,private part


Doctor mutilates baby’s corpse, removes eyes, tongue,private part

Culled from Vanguard

The Ogun State Police Command, Sunday, said it has arrested one Dr. Babawale Joshua who owned Ajike Medical Centre at 11, Adeyemi Street, Saka, Sango Ota, for suspected ritual activities and disrespect to the corpse of a 13-month-old baby who died in his hospital, Saturday.

According the Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, for the state, Mr Muyiwa Ogunjobi, the police discovered that the boy’s corpse was mutilated. He told Vanguard that  the eyes, tongue, two lips, two ears, private part, nails and the left hand and veins were cut off at the hospital.
Father’s account

In his account of what happened, the child’s father, identified as Obinna Oleh, a 35-year-old auto spare part dealer at Ladipo market, from Umunze village in AnambraState, said: “On Friday the 7th of June, my child took ill, my wife joined me to rush him to the hospital.

“The next day, being Saturday, I came to see them at the hospital in the morning before going to my shop while the child was actually getting better then.

“It was with this hope that I left for my shop thinking that at least before the end of the day, the child would have recovered fully.

“But in the afternoon, my wife called to inform me that the baby’s health had deteriorated, that I should rush home. When I got here, I met my child in a very critical condition.

“I asked if any medication had been administered on him and my wife told me that the doctor gave him an injection that afternoon and that the child’s stomach swelled after the injection.

“The baby was practically abandoned by the hospital management in this condition until around 8p.m when he finally died.

“As we attempted to carry the corpse, the nurse in charge said we had to clear our bills before we could take the body away. She also said she needed to call the Medical Director for the full amount we were to balance before they could release the corpse to us.

“Mind you, we were not owing them before the baby died. We made some  initial deposit prior to the baby’s admission and treatment. So when the nurse came up with the balance payment issue, I was not in the mood to argue that with them. I took my wife and we left, with the intention of returning yesterday morning to clear what ever bill there was, and take our child for burial.

“Also our pastor advised us to get a death certificate first before taking the corpse away for burial, so that we don’t encounter any problems with the police.

“We also needed to inform our kinsmen here about what happened. These were  the  reasons why we  left the body of our baby at the hospital till the following morning.

“But yesterday morning, I was having a meeting with my brothers on how to get a doctor’s report on my child’s death when the nurse called me to come over to the hospital, that it’s like they used a spiritual arrow to kill my child. I asked her what she meant by that. And at same time, followed her to the room where the body was.

“I was shocked to the bones to find my child’s body in a gory state. His ears were cut off, his private part, his tongue, his lips, and his eyes were plucked out. I am yet to recover from the shock of that sight.The police was informed and they came and took the body away.”

Meantime, when Vanguard visited the hospital, yesterday, it was under lock and key, having been shut by the police who confirmed the development.

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55yr Old Headmaster Arraigned For Defiling 8yr Old Pupil


55yr Old Headmaster Arraigned For Defiling 8yr Old Pupil
JUN 10, 2013

The Bayelsa State Police Command has arraigned a 55-year-old headmaster of a private nursery and primary school in Akaba community, Yenagoa Local Government, Bayelsa State, Mr. Akpolagha Agbugiye, for defiling an eight-year-old pupil.

The headmaster, who was dragged before the Chief Magistrate’s Court 1 in Yenagoa, was accused of inserting his finger into the private parts of the pupil.

The prosecuting lawyer, Roselyn Doctor, a police Inspector, told the court that the incident happened on May 3.

She said the headmaster committed the offence at the back of the school building.

She said the school boss asked the pupil to touch the ground with her finger and raise her leg after which he removed her pants and inserted his finger into her private part.

She said, “The posture he placed the girl was supposed to be a form of punishment called ‘pick a pin.’

“The accused asked the classmate of the victim to call her. When the two girls met him at the back of the school building, he asked the other girl to leave.

“The headmaster then asked the pupil to pick pin, an order which the girl obeyed. At this point he pulled the girl’s pant and inserted his fingers into her private part.”

The police prosecutor said the victim limped home and reported the incident to her mother.

She said her mother later took her to the Federal Medical Centre for examination, adding that a doctor confirmed that the girl had been defiled.

The police told the presiding Magistrate, Patricia Edouyemiekumo, that the action was a criminal offence punishable under section 146(2) of the Criminal Code, Law of Bayelsa State, 2006.

The accused person pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was granted bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties residing in the state capital.

The case was adjourned till June 13

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Boko Haram: Stop Arming Youths for Political Thuggery, Northern Govs Told


Boko Haram: Stop Arming Youths for Political Thuggery, Northern Govs Told
10 Jun 2013

Worried by the growing army of social dissidents in the North, the northern states governors have been advised against the continuous arming of the youths for the purpose of using them as political thugs.

They were also enjoined to open up the political space and avoid monetising the electoral process.

These were part of the high points of the recommendations of the  “Report of the Northern States Governors’ Forum Committee on Reconciliation, Healing and Security” submitted by a 40-man committee headed by  Ambassador Zakari Ibrahim as Chairman and Dr. Joshua Dimlong (Ngolang Ngas).

According to the report, “ The use of youths as political thugs is widespread with dangerous consequences of militarising them and exposing them to living dangerously through extensive drug abuse. This has huge negative implications on human resource availability for social and economic development of the northern states.

The report recommended that “Government should outlaw the use of political thugs at all levels and enforce the law appropriately, holding the sponsors of such thugs responsible as co-partners for all the misdeeds of the thugs.

“Violence and monetisation of all political processes has been identified as restricting the political space and excluding many potential political actors, resulting in a serious disconnect between the political class and the electorate,” the report said.

The report further said government of the northern states should “impress on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the State Independent Electoral Commissions (SIECs) to regulate the monetisation of all political processes”.

According to the report that was adopted in the last Northern States Governors’ Forum (NSGF) in Kaduna, it said, “the Northern state governments are advised to make demonstrable moves towards more accountable and democratic governance and more consultation with affected communities as a means to effectively defuse the drivers of discontent”.

The report also advised northern governors on the need to promote prudence and public accountability in order to channel more resources for human security development between the government and the governed.

Also, the report further said, “There is wide range of unemployment in the region, which results in a dissatisfied, impoverished population as well as an army of unskilled, vulnerable, restive youth all over the region who have become cannon fodders for insurgency and all other political tensions.

“There is an underlying resentment and apprehension for development initiatives among the general populace, whether these initiatives are from national, international or even private parties. This is largely because the content and packaging of some of the development programmes have not included a sensitisation of the citizens or their inclusion in designing the development programmes,” the report said.

On a state by state basis, the report singled out Plateau State, noting that, “the relationship between the Fulani pastoralists and farmers continues as a festering sore in Plateau State and this must be attended to”.

In  Kano State, the report said, “Kano has over the years been a fulcrum of negative response to tensions around Nigeria and beyond. Some of the characteristics which are at the root of this peculiarity of Kano are the fight for space between inter and intra religious groupings, propelled by a poor social fabric, a general lack of adequate knowledge and exposure to issues among the population and a willingness to use religion and ethnicity as offensive tools.

“In such a context the insurgency would have found fertile ground for escalation. However, the character of the current insurgency differs significantly from the norm.” 

In another development, the Congress for Progressive  Change (CPC) has decried the call by the President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN ), for the arrest of General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), which it said was based on distorted facts about  the statements made by the former Head of State on Boko Haram.

In a statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Rotimi Fashakin, the party said the aim of the CAN President’s call was to paint its national leader in bad light, as being supportive of the heinous activities of the Boko Haram insurgency.

“It is our view that this statement is utterly tendentious and unsupportable by incontrovertible facts. We are aware that, as it was before and after the 2011 elections, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor is keen on helping the electoral fortunes of his friend, President Goodluck Jonathan. We are therefore compelled to re-tell GMB’s uncompromising stand on Boko Haram , ” it said.

Following Buhari’s  criticism of the efforts being made by the Federal Government to combat the security  threat posed by the religious insurgency, especially it’s declaration of state of emergency in three north-east states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, Oritsejafor accused the  CPC leader of ethno-religious chauvinism.

However, CPC said  Oritsejafor is harboring an orchestrated plan to discredit Buhari and to present him as supporting the insurgency of Boko Haram in Nigeria.

“Our attention has been drawn to the recent call by Pastor Ayodele Oritsejafor, President of CAN  for the arrest of General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) – the national leader  of CPC on account of his recent commentaries on national issues.

“The kernel of the latest orchestrated distortion of GMB’s recent commentaries was done to blacken him as supporting the insurgency of Boko Haram in Nigeria. In fact, Pastor Oritsejafor impudently asserted?

“We are aware that this is a rehash of the stance of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor to a previous piece of mendacious writing by Dr Reuben Abati in his Guardian Newspaper column, wherein he alluded to GMB as being responsible for post-election violence in some parts of the North in April, 2011,” it said.

Buhari was quoted by CPC as having said in an interview on the genesis of Boko Haram, in June 2012:  “When we knew who was Maitatsine, wasn’t he arrested, killed and his corpse shown to everybody? But this Boko Haram, if you could recall somebody recommended me to represent Boko Haram.

“I told them the honest truth that I didn’t know who their leadership was and I still don’t know who their leaders are. I don’t know their philosophy because no religion advocates hurting the innocent. So, all those people giving it a religious meaning are wrong. You can’t kill a person and say Allahu Akbar (God is great). It is either you don’t know what you are saying or you don’t believe in it. It is one of the two.

“Bombing other human beings to death at any time is callous. It becomes much more reprehensible on a Christmas day and all lovers of peace must condemn these gruesome acts and demand that the perpetrators be fished out and brought to book.” Buhari said.

The party said Buhari is averse to  anyone giving the insurgency a religious connotation.

“How on earth would the Vatican and the British authorities speak before the Nigerian government act on attacks within Nigeria that have led to the death of our citizens? This is clearly a failure of leadership at a time the government needs to assure the people of the capacity to guarantee the safety of lives and property. You can devote the entire budget to security and there won’t be any result if there is no competence in leadership to know what to do at the right time.

“We leave discerning Nigerians to judge and see the incongruity in Pastor Oritsejafor’s reckless call and GMB’s unwavering patriotic stand on Nigeria’s insecurity. Again, Pastor Oritsejafor has proven to be, a willing implement for destabilization in the hands of the Presidency, in the orchestrated heckling of GMB ahead of the 2015 elections.

“There are certain incongruities in the Nation state under President Jonathan that GMB has continued to sensitize Nigerians about, and for which the government has continued to distort with its divisive weapon of preying on the ethno-religious fault lines in the country,” the party added.

The party added that Buhari was  blaming  the genesis of the bloody insurgency of Boko haram on act of cruel injustice, coupled with the official acquiescence of the PDP-led Federal Government of President Good-luck Jonathan.

For instance, it recalled the incident in Baga, a fishing community in Borno State, where a  Nigerian soldier was killed.

According to CPC, the  ensuing reprisal attack by the Military left in excess of 185 persons dead – mostly children and women – and many houses destroyed.

On the alleged slaughter of about 60 security men (consisting of police and State security operatives) in Nasarawa by the Ombatse cult group, CPC described as improper conduct the statement credited to the SSS boss Mr. Ita Ekpeyong, that ” he has left everything to God”.

“In a bizarre twist of the events, the Director-General of Directorate of State Security (DSS), Mr. Ita Ekpeyong, said he had forgiven the killers of the service men and left them to God’s judgment. GMB, in his characteristic candour, lambasted the head of Nigeria’s spy agency for this perfidious statement.

“These are his exact words:  “However, the Nasarawa attack is a cult that infiltrated the police itself. The latest I learnt from you the press is that the number of security personnel killed is 56. The cult group slaughtered 56 security men. The SSS boss or whoever that said he has left everything to God has no right to do that.

“Constitutionally, Nigerians can practise any religion they want or they can be atheists or anything they want to be, that is constitutional. But nobody should hurt a citizen of Nigeria and then get away with it, not to talk of slaughtering 56 law enforcement agents and then somebody is coming out from the system to say such a thing. It is either that person doesn’t know what he was talking about or he shouldn’t even be there.”

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Armed Bandits Put Kaduna Villages Under Siege, Looting And Killing


Armed Bandits Put Kaduna Villages Under Siege, Looting And Killing

Barely four months after armed bandits inflicted a massive attack on banks, police stations and settlements in Birnin Gwari in Kaduna State, the area has come under a similar attack, with several villagers reported to have been killed.

Eyewitnesses told SaharaReporters armed men surrounded Goro-Dutshe district, Gwaska and several adjoining villages. Goron-Dutshe is a border town between Kaduna and Zamfara, and our source described it as located about 30 kilometers from Dansadau.

In Goron-Dutshe, the gunmen reportedly went on a looting and raping spree, maiming hunters and vigilantes that resisted the siege. They also burnt down several houses in the area before moving to Gwaska village, where they inflicted further injuries on more villagers.

A security source told SaharaReporters that efforts to reach the villages have been complicated by logistic problems. He disclosed that it will take some three hours from Birnin Gwari to reach the besieged villages, which are surrounded by thick forests and linked by poor road networks.
It is unclear if the helicopters recently launched by the Nigeria police for fighting crime are being deployed to such areas.

Source: Sahara Reporters

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