MUST SEE PHOTO: Once Upon a Time for Most of Us


MUST SEE PHOTO: Once Upon a Time for Most of Us

Lol… Most of us had this tyre fighting experience, times have really changed for many people. Change – they say is the only constant thing in this world. Man most grow… In a few years, these kids will deny there was ever a time like depicted in this picture.

Guys! Be honest and write your own experience in the comment box below.

Odedina Taofeek

Marriage by Force! (Photo)


This issue of marriage is becoming something else.  Inasmuch as it (poster) looks and sounds funny, single ladies are becoming desperate and my biggest fear and concern is that they would go anywhere and do anything to get a husband.  I somehow feel sorry for some men because they have no idea what they’re walking into.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not against single ladies going to church for prayers to get married but themes like this “Give me a spouse or I die” or Husband by fire or by force” is a bit too extreme don’t you think?
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