I write as one of you. I write because the times are precarious. I write to wake up a curiosity that by Jove may ignite a peaceful ethical cum moral revolution in the land.

Countrymen it saddens me each time I read the plethora of divisive thoughts and opinion blaming our woes on a section of the nation. It traumatizes the carapace of my mind to see educated, learned and otherwise schooled persons preach messages that are pro-south and anti-north and vice versa.

We have a common oppressor, we are the victims of the Northern and the Southern Political class, we are pawns in the chess game of the Nigerian political elite who employ religious and sectional jargons when they appear shortchanged in sharing the spoils of power.

Spare a thought for the victims of the pre-colonial struggle, for those who fought for the independence of this nation, for the victims of the Nzeogwu revolution, for the victims of the revenge coup of July 1966.

Spare a thought for the victims of the pogrom in the North in 1966/67 and the victims of the 1967-70 civil war, what about the victims of the Maitasine uprising, remember the victims of the June 12 struggle and the many victims of the various struggles against injustice in our nation. Yes, when we do spare a thought for the many tragic mementos of our evolution and remember that the Northerners and the Southerners alike have been the victims of the collateral damage that an unpatriotic ruling elite throws up, we may well begin to address issues rather than religion or tribe, issues rather than region or section and issues rather than creed or clan.

The truth is that until this raging confusion the Northern and the Southern elite have been in cahoots in the plunder of Nigeria. Yes, when the Oil wells were shared the Southern elite didn’t oppose it because they got a few.

(To be contd).

Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.



20 passengers,7 Crew Members Abroad Ill-Fated Associated Airlines Aircraft


20 Passengers, Seven Crew Members Aboard Ill-Fated Associated Airlines Aircraft
The plane operated by Associated Airlines which crashed shortly after take-off on Thursday at the Mafoloku area of Oshodi in Lagos State had 20 passengers and seven crew members on board, a press release by the Aviation Minister, Princess Stella Oduah has said.

In the statement signed by her special adviser on media – Joe Obi – the minister said a few dead bodies have been recovered while some persons pulled out from the wreckage have been rushed to the hospital.
The full statement:
“An Embraer aircraft operated by Associated Airlines with Reg No SCD 361 enroute Akure from the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos, crashed shortly after take-off at about 9.30 am local time. The plane had 20 passengers and 7 crew members on board.

“Emergency rescue operations commenced immediately by a combined team of Fire Service and security personnel. Some persons pulled out from the aircraft have been rushed to the hospital while a few dead bodies have been recovered. The rescue operation is still on-going.”
The plane is believed to have been chartered to convey the remains of former Ondo State governor, Dr. Olusegun Agagu, who died last month to Akure where burial arrangements have already begun since Monday.
The late Agagu’s corpse was reportedly accompanied on the ill-fated flight by some members of his family, associates and officials of the Ondo state government.
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An Average Igbo Person Silly Mentally


An Average Igbo person silly mentality…

Listen to this Omo Ibo, Igbojionu Uchenna …
“FFK and your myopic supporters, TAKE IT or LEAVE IT
Igbo are co owners of yoruba land, Lagos in particular. There nothing you or any of your illiterate supporters can do about it. It has come to stay.

Fashola knows the value of the igbos that is why he appointed of us a Commissioner. NO IGBOS, NO LAGOS.

The history of Lagos will not be complete without giving kudos to Ndigbo who made the city what it is today.

We are everywhere developing and running the economy of every state.

Yorubas, if you are just getting to know how powerful we are, then it is too late. Am amazed when some people who say we should go and develop South east. I dont blame them becos they don’t travel nor do they take risk like we Igbos do.

South east is well developed. Far more developed than south west combined.

FFK, I used to think u are a human being. I never knew u are such a big disappointment. No wonder, obasanjo butted you out of office. U are only trying to make urself relevant but you have made urself a fool and very unpopular”.

Omo Ibo in Lagos
Today at 1:41am
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